L.I. Crane operates a full crane service to make even the toughest jobs safe and manageable. We offer three cranes, a 50 ton reaching 155 feet, a 28 ton reaching 92 feet, and a 14 ton reaching 61 feet. With these three options, our cranes are successfully able to assist you in a wide variety of applications in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential industries.  Lifting heavy and expensive objects requires a level of precision and accuracy that L.I. Crane would be happy to provide.


We would like to mention a few of our services that we perform but are not limited to. L.I. Crane performs the following lifts on a regular basis, but if we can lift it we be happy to serve you.

  • Setting Agricultural Conveyance Equipment
  • Lifting, Moving, and Placing Grain Bins
  • Rooftop Commercial and Residential Heating/Cooling Units
  • Trusses of all sizes Steel or Wood for Homes, Shops, Commercial, or Agricultural
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